Free Online Multimedia Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

Photos: jpg 2400x2400 pixels or less

Audio: wma,mp3 under 10MB

Video: wmv,mp4 under 30MB

Backgrounds: jpg 2400x2400 pixels or less

Frames: png 1200x1200 pixels (for high quality full page printing at 12x12 inches use 2400x2400)

Art Elements: png,jpg 1200x1200 pixels

Album covers: jpg 2400x2400 pixels

Textures: jpg 1200x1200 pixels (for high quality full page printing at 12x12 inches use 2400x2400)


Note that all images greater than 2400x2400 pixels will be resized before upload, but it’s faster if you resize them before uploading.  Image files should be under 1 MB if possible.  This will speed up online viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

LiquidAlbums is really free.  The hope is that enough people will want the extra features available in the subscription service to pay for the cost of maintaining the site.  Subscription is $16 a year and gives you; additional storage, the ability to export pages to jpg and png, the ability to export albums to PDF and eventually the ability to print directly from LiquidAlbums.

Is LiquidAlbums really free, what’s the catch?

What are the recommended files to upload and the recommended sizes?

Only public albums are currently viewable from Photobucket or Picasa.  To view them on LiquidAlbums make them public.

Why can’t I see all of my Photobucket or Picasa photos?

When a graphic image is uploaded to LiquidAlbums, 5 versions of it are available, they are called: Highest, High, Medium, Low and Thumbnail.  Highest is the original image (max of 2400x2400), High is half the original (max 1200x1200), Medium is 1/4 the original (max 600x600), Low is 1/8 of the original (max 300x300) and Thumbnail is about 100x100 pixels.  The Thumbnail version is used when browsing for images, the others can be selected by specifying the resolution in the dialog.   The resolution of all the images in the album can be changed from the “My Albums” “Image Resolution” menu.  The idea is that lower resolutions are fast and good enough for a monitor, higher resolutions are slower, but better quality for printing.

What are the different resolutions all about?

There is a new feature that tells you when you click on any object on the page.  It shows quality in terms of percentage where 100% is 200 pixels per inch.  For good printing you need to have more pixels or less area to print in, the dpi of the image has no effect.  So a 600x600 pixel image will print fine in a 3x3 inch area or less, but starts to degrade as the area gets larger.

How can I make sure that it will print OK?

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LiquidAlbums works on Windows PCs and MACs.

On Windows it works with IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

On the Mac it works with Firefox and Safari browsers.

It requires the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in, which will be installed automatically.

It does not work on mobile devices and older MACs that are based on the PowerPC chip.

It may work on Linux, depending on the version of Silverlight available. (LiquidAlbums uses version 3 at the moment)

It requires a reasonably fast internet connection.


The system requirements on Windows:

 - Operating system; Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (with Service Pack 2)

 - Intel Pentium III 450 MHz or faster (or equivalent)


The system requirements for MACs

 - Operating system; Apple Mac OS 10.4.8 or higher

 - Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor


Here is a Microsoft site with additional details about Silverlight compatibility.


If you find any compatibility issues please report them to


What are the requirements for using LiquidAlbums