Free Online Multimedia Scrapbooks and Photo Albums


All Users:

· Can view LiquidAlbums

· Can create LiquidAlbums and use most functionality, but cannot save them

Registered Users (registration is free):

· Can create LiquidAlbums and save them.

· Can upload their photos or use photos from Flickr, Facebook (including friends), Picasa, SmugMug, Ipernity or Photobucket (only public albums from Photobucket and Picasa)

· Can Share their LiquidAlbums with other registered users or send links to anyone.

Subscribed Users (Subscription is $16 per year):

· Can print by exporting to a PDF file

· Have extra storage space for albums, images etc…

Scrapbook designers:

· is a unique place from which to promote your designs. Make sure that the LiquidAlbums are “read only” and then provide a link to them for people to see.

· If you provide freebies, we will make them available to users and provide a link to your web site.

· If you want to sell your designs through us we can make that available to you in the near future.

· The elements for a LiquidAlbum “kit” are:

· Book Cover graphic (.jpg at 2400x2400 pixel)

· Page background graphic (.jpg at 2400x2400 pixel)

· Art element graphics (.png at 1200X1200 pixel)

· Frame graphics (.png at 1200x1200 pixel, with transparent opening)

· Texture graphics (.jpg at 1200x1200 pixel)

· All files preferably under 1MB.  Any dpi is Ok, but we tend to use 96dpi.

· For more info email to:




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